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SyZyGy Entertainment

Photobooths, Videography, Photography &
Event Entertainment
“Ineffable Memories Made”

Helping fellow small businesses DIY it

The SyZyGy team have learnt a lot, building our own small
business brand. Along the way, we noticed that it is very
helpful to collaborate and share knowledge amongst other
entrepreneurs to grow in the industry.

“Competition is for the small minded, Collaboration
should be the cornerstone of our society”

Services We Offer:

1. Designs – Stationery
2. Sale of photobooths: 360 Videobooth
3. Small business start-up advice, assistance on:
– Branding
– Social Media Pages
– Website
– Consulting Sessions
4. Website & Emails
5. Branding Assistance
6. Social media management & support
7. Product photography & videography
8. Canva lessons
9. Business networking events & collab opportunities
10. Styled shoots